Monday, January 31, 2011

Are your finances you drive Crazy?

3 ways to relieve stress of money

Make money concerns rob you of a good night's sleep and set off aches and pains in your health — and relationships? Are your shoulders — and your life — sagging under the crushing weight of financial responsibility?

If you're nodding your mind-boggled head, then it is time to rethink that are driving the bus. Before the wheels come off, scroll in the driver's seat and steering towards a new direction. Try these three easy ways to lighten the workload of managing personal finances to enjoy a more relaxed.

See: Know where you are and what you have is less stressful uncertainty and to imagine the worst. Go ahead, open your eyes to your finances. It has a good time to get a snapshot of the financial picture with accompanying the financial statements on the target mailbox. Clear out a workspace (the kitchen table will do!) and order your financial in piles of stuff: Bank statementsInvestment statementsBillsInsurance statementsTax information (* bonus: this will help you get organized to file taxes, too) to identify your preferred at least most of the places to do business, and why.Simplify: think "HGTV Home clean and de-clutter your home finances. Most of us have multiple IRAs, 401 (k) s and investment accounts because you tend to change jobs frequently. Explore how it can reduce the number of accounts without sacrificing services. Consider the transfer of all or most of the accounts for enterprises "Favorites". Consolidate your financial accounts and reports will save you time and effort and perhaps costs. Large accounts and loyalty are often rewarded with lower costs.Opt for line versus paper statements and go "green". You'll save trees, free space in your CAB files and reduce the time crushing obsolete information.Recurring bills set to auto-pay. If you are worried about the control, set a repetitive invoice online automatic payment to your Bank (not the beneficiary) that control and can change at any time.Share: there are many jobs involved in managing home finances, that there is no wonder finances can be overwhelming. Check it out: pay bills – monthlyRenewing – annuallyOverseeing insurance investments – at least, tax quarterlyFiling – annuallyRecordkeeping – monthlyLegal – periodicallyMost of us taking a divide and conquer approach to running our lives. See if you and your significant other can divide work or take turns in Office. Not only reduces the burden-sharing, but also allows everyone with information and knowledge that are essential, especially if there is a day on our own.We make decisions every day even do it ourselves or hire and outsource it. Some of us mowing our lawn and shovel our paths, while others hire. To decide if DIY vs. outsource is right for your life, let your time, talent and interest in the management of your finances be your guide.

Hey readers, talking about sharing… What helps you manage stress?

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