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What is your dream?

17 January 2011, by Lee Baker, CFP ?

As I sit here in the frozen tundra in Atlanta, my mind whirls by the events of recent days and next week. A murderous fury in Arizona, snow and ice storm that brings a great southern city to a standstill for a whole week, a memorial that mobilization our nation and the face of the little Christina Taylor green have absorbed me for the past several days. Christina picture and the story struck me the most because it was the same age as my oldest daughter. As Christina, Fire is his first taste of politics this year when she ran for Student Council. Even if his offer is successful, it will not shake his interest in the nascent government. As I watched the next week, a bit of an experiment popped into my next.

I called Fire and Lauryn upstairs and asked both the same simple question: what is your dream? Could be lying if I didn't admit to a bit of trepidation. Part of me was afraid that I would get a response like "dream of getting a new I Phone 4 G or Nintendo DS". Well both pleasantly surprised. Fire, responded by saying "I dream of world peace and not murder." Lauryn had me nervous at first but says "dream of having a lot of money so I could give to charities, and Haiti." Now that I've asked the question, I need to spend some time with the girls, helping them to realize their dreams.

But this blog is about you. What is your dream? Regardless of how my kids responded, is perfectly fine to be selfish. Indeed, it is best if you're a bit selfish. At least this way other bloggers and are able to provide some guidance. I have an idea of how help Lauryn to realize his dream. No matter what your dream, if you want to achieve, you got to start somewhere.

The first thing I would suggest that perhaps is the easiest but the most powerful. Write it down. Think of all the beautiful dreams or goals that you took during your life. Were any of them made without writing anything? If you're like most people, probably not. The time to put your dreams on paper gives permanence.

The second thing is to share your dreams with someone. This step is important because sharing your dream with someone (may be a spouse, friend, neighbor, etc.) will bring the issue of liability. Also I'll make you a deal. If you share your dreams with us, I'm pretty sure that (other bloggers and FPA) we will be glad to chime in with ways to help you achieve your dreams.

So how about it? What is your dream?


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